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Message about Overdue Items

We sincerely hope all of our patrons are doing well, staying healthy, and staying home.

We wanted to update you on the measures we are taking for overdue books at this time. Currently all materials that are checked out of Stratford Public Library will have a due date of June 1. This is not an indication of reopening, however. We do NOT have reopening date at this point, but wanted to make sure that all of our patrons are able to access everything digitally and not worry about returning materials. If the current shut down order remains in place after June 1, we will then adjust the due dates at that point. Please do not return your materials until you know the library is open.

If you were a patron that had books that were overdue before this started, please note that your books will also be changed to a June 1 due date. That means that you will likely receive a reprieve from fines. Please take this opportunity as a clean slate and try to return those materials when we reopen, since you will be experiencing some fine forgiveness. As a community, now is not the time to focus on fines, but to focus on how to keep going, to reopen, and to take care of one another.

If you'd like to access our digital materials, but don't know how, you can find out by watching this video on our youtube page. Also, we are doing storytime there as well.

As always, feel free to reach out to us through facebook or email: We'd love to hear how you are all doing.

Stay safe!

- The Directors!

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