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Ah! Spring is in the air! Spring is a time for new things, for growing, for starting again. We have lots of resources for you at the library to help you with whatever spring projects you might have, from gardening to baking and everything in between! The library has been working hard on creating virtual programming and keeping you well stocked with entertainment during this time. New this month is our Self Directed Easter Egg Hunt, Online Trivia Contest, and some reading challenges for the whole family.

Speaking of reading, I have a great book recommendation for you. Summer Hours at the Robbers Library by Sue Halpern. This is an excellent fictional account of small, local library in a small town. Sound familiar? As I was reading about the Riverton Library, I couldn't help but draw the parallels between that small New England library and our little library in Stratford. Sure, we both have tight budgets, quirky patrons, challenges with aging buildings, but that isn't what struck me the most! The thing that hit home the hardest was the way the patrons, volunteers, staff and town were all part of a family. They knew each other's names, families, idiosyncrasies and worked to help each other. It made me grateful for the very small window I have into this little town. I am very grateful to be part of a small library where I can get to know each of you, and I hope more of you will stop in to meet us!

We'd like to continue to cultivate the Stratford Public Library as a safe, inviting, community hub. A one stop shop for resources, news, entertainment, help and great conversation. In order to do that, we'd like to spruce up some of our outdoor space. We could use some help from some local garden pros to help create and maintain a beautiful outdoor space. This space would be a community spot to safely hold library programming, sit and read on a beautiful day, or spend some time with some friends. If you're interested, please email Sara at


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