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Announcing a big move for kids' DVDs!

We recently separated our DVD collection, moving material appropriate for kids to our Childrens' Room. If you are looking for rated G or PG movies that are intended primarily for a juvenile audience, this is where you will find them. Of course, all our DVDs are listed in our catalog, but now the catalog shows two locations for DVDs: the general DVD Collection and the Juvenile DVD collection. We also keep the alphabetical list of all our DVD holdings at the circulation desk.

Juvenile library accounts can now be used to take out DVDs from the juvenile DVD Collection. This is a change for our library, as previously only adult accounts could be used to take DVDs.

Finally, if parents want their high school students to be able to borrow DVDs from this collection, they can sign a permission form for us to keep on file at the library.

All DVDs, juvenile and otherwise, are 50 cents for a two-night rental. Late fines are assessed at the rate of 50 cents per night.

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